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New classes are added over time. Please check back regularly.All classes are held at this location:


9am class is by appointment only !

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
 Open Mat
6:45AM Adult BJJ
6:45AM Adult BJJ
4:30 PM
Kids BJJ
6:45AM Adult BJJ
6:30am adult bjj
4:30 PM
Kids BJJ
10:30 AM Adult BJJ
7:30PM Adult BJJ
6:30 PM Adult BJJ
 7:45 PM Mauy Thai Kick Boxing
7:30PM Adult BJJ
6:30 PM Adult BJJ
             7:45 PM Mauy Thai Kick Boxing

3PM Mauy Thai Kick Boxing


  • Everyone should come to class on time, clean body, clean uniform, trimmed finger nails and no jewelry !
  • Participate in all drills and sparring to their best effort
  • Wear shoes or sandals off mats and in the restrooms and wash hands after
  • On the mat always make way for advanced belts
  • Also be careful  break it you pay for it
  • If you injure your partner you are responsible for them
  • Everyone must sign a waiver
  • Parents must be responsible for there kids
  • Keep bathrooms clean, no spitting in drinking fountain




  1. Davidia says:

    I have been wanting to join for sometime now…. My husband, my son of 2 years, and I. My youngest of 9 months I know is too young. I was just wanting to know more info.. costs…. -Thank you.

  2. chris nunez says:

    im def looking into doing this when i get back from deployment.
    those class schedules that i see posted up that are not labeled (kids) are all for adults correct? how would it work- can i actually show up as many times as posted through out the week or are we actually in a class type setting and stay with in your class?

    • csbjj says:

      Chris I have taught def people before and they have done very well at Jiu Jitsu so please come in and try us out as a guest to see how you like it !

  3. Maria Gaudette says:

    I have three kids 12yr boy,10yr girl,8yr boy I would like all cost for them to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and to see if there is start fee and if there is anything I can workout with you to pay for class . We are a single income family .

  4. csbjj says:




  5. Joshua says:

    i am 14 turning 15 in july

  6. Jenny says:

    I will be moving to the area on July 23rd. I was wondering what you charge. I’m 23 and have never done anything like this. πŸ™‚

    • csbjj says:

      If you could not find our rates on the web site then call me at


      and when you get here come in an try a few free classes as my guest to try us out then you will know every thing you need to know about training at the best Brazilian academy in Colorado Springs !

  7. csbjj says:

    Tyler BJJ is a form of martial art that has real resistance and is fun and effective !
    Would you like a few free classes to try it out as our guest ?


  8. Bob, Ft Carson says:

    Just tried my first class and it was nothing short of awesome! I checked out some other schools over the past 2 years, and in today’s class alone I learned more technique than all the others combined! Thanks to Bill and all the students at CSBJJ who were very helpful and friendly! I look forward to training more real soon!

  9. Lonnie says:

    CSBJJ is the place to train! I have trained at several Brazilian jiujitsu schools in the Springs. Csbjj has the cleanest training environment and most detailed instruction of any other BJJ School in the Springs. The instuctors are professional and will ensure you have a safe and injury free workout, so you can be ready to train another day. When you walk throught the doors of the Colorado Springs BJJ School you always feel like you are part of a family. Thanks CSBJJ!

  10. Lonnie says:

    CSBJJ is the place to train! I have trained at several jiujitsu schools in the Springs. Csbjj has the cleanest training environment and most detailed instruction of any other BJJ School in the Springs. The instuctors are professional and will ensure you have a safe and injury free workout, so you can be ready to train another day. When you walk throught the doors of the Colorado Springs BJJ School you always feel like you are part of a family. Thanks CSBJJ!

  11. ninja says:

    Im a ninja. will it improve my skills?

  12. csbjj says:

    Come tonight to the 8 pm class with parent to sign a waiver and try us out for the week ok ?
    or tomorrow at 6:30pm ? you will take the adult classes.

  13. csbjj says:

    You say you would like to know more about BJJ than come to our school Saturday December 4 at 10:30 am and take a seminar with our friend Ralek Gracie !
    it is normally $100 but Ralek is a good friend and wants to let more people have the opportunity to meet and learn from him so it is only $50 so please come meet Helio Gracie’s grandson and if you have any questions call me !


  14. csbjj says:

    can you come in tomorrow at 10:30 am and try a free class ?


  15. csbjj says:

    can you come in tomorrow at 10:30 am and try a free class ?


  16. Steve says:

    Hi Bill;
    Me and my friend John stopped by this week to see your class and briefly spoke about trying some classes out next week. After our search at many schools we were happy to have found you. Thank you for your hospitality and sincere interest. We will for sure be coming in to try some classes out next week starting on Monday. I was unsure if the classes were gi or no gi alternates or if it was similar to Dave Dunns class β€œif you got a gi wear it, if not come in no gi attire”. I have plenty of both and wanted to know what your dress code was? Thank you again after only training a hand full of times in last 6 months Im happy to get back into it.

    • csbjj says:

      Steve, Thanks for your praise ! I Know you will be happier with us, then any other place in town !
      I suggest you come prepared to do gi and or no gi every time you come but it’s your choice so feel free to bring both
      We hope to see you you soon my friend !

  17. csbjj says:

    Come in and try a free week !
    ok ?

  18. csbjj says:

    Zach !
    Come in and try a free week with us !

    Ok ?

  19. csbjj says:

    Call me about Jiu Jitsu Training !

    Bill Hosken

  20. csbjj says:

    What is up ? are you stil interested in training BJJ ?

    Bill Hosken

  21. csbjj says:

    are you still coming in to try out jiu jitsu ?

  22. csbjj says:

    call me and ill tell you

  23. Krisa says:

    Are my eyes seeing correctly that you have added day classes on Tues/Thurs??? :-O

  24. Shelley says:

    Do you have any plans to have children classes on weekends or later in the evening? I’m interested in finding beginner classes for my son but typically work till 5 – I’d think there’d be other parents working till 5 on a regular basis that would find the 4:30 time slot difficult too.

  25. Zach says:

    Do you offer muay thai classes also? I’m interested in doing muay thai and BJJ

  26. Joe Palazzolo says:

    Afternoon Bill,
    I came across your school while searching for defense academies in Colorado Springs. I am very interested in your program and would like to drop in for a session or 2 and see what it’s all about. I noticed that you have classes on Tuesday/Thursday @ 6:30pm. Would these be acceptable times to drop by and check out what’s going on?

  27. Adam says:

    Myself and a couple of people in my platoon are looking to join a school when we get back from Afghanistan in a few months. I just have one question on the membership fees. Does the 120 a month, or 100 with a year contract have a limit on the number of classes per week? It won’t be feasible for me to train too much, my wife would kill me if I’m gone every day after returning from deployment. But would like to settle into a routine of probably 3 days a week. The fees seem like a complete bargain compared to what I’ve found with other schools so I’m just wondering if that would include a cap on how many classes a week or month.

    Thanks for the info,

  28. Victor T. Batchelder says:

    I’m new to the area and have always wanted to train in the art of Jiu-Jitsu and being this a fresh start for me and my family, I want to dive in head first and not hesitate on any opportunities to better myself. I have never found the right school to be at in the past back in Myrtle Beach S.C.. Being that most places I’ve ever visited just have guys that are really stuck in there own routine of things and are strictly training MMA and are not willing to work with you on a beginner level of one specific discipline, I do understand there mind set though and respect it totally. I’m a quick learner and I’m willing to be a sponge to any teacher willing to teach me, I just haven’t been given the chance. I would love to come to your school/academy and train amongst you all if you gave the ok. I’m 30 and a family man with a wife and 2 boys 11 and 8. I would just seriously love to find a place to discipline myself, exercise, learn new things, meet new people and better myself here in Colorado. Please let me know if you have any openings because I would love to get started right away. Thank you so much for your time.
    -Victor T. Batchelder

  29. Samuel says:

    I’ve done BJJ before, but since I moved from the location of my school I haven’t kept it up. I am now reasonably out of shape, and I think getting back into BJJ will be a good way for me to get into shape doing something I enjoy. If I paid for a 1 year membership, do I get to attend as many classes I want for the year? If not, how does it work?

  30. Tony says:

    Awesome enviroment Mr Hosken, very nice students and clean school.

  31. Aaron says:

    I am interested in all three classes and I was wandering if I could come in and try them out tomorrow. I was also wandering what the monthly fee for all three classes is.

  32. CiCi Maxine says:

    Whats the youngest age to start? I wanted to get my daughter involved in Martial Arts of some sort, she is 5, turning 6 in January.

  33. chewy says:

    i would like to put my 6yo boy into ur school when is the best time to come by to check the school out?

  34. bill i was curious about a few things. do you guys offer a military discount for one if not thats cool never hurts to ask! and 2 if i signed up for the mma classes what all comes with it? ive been to other gyms where you get so many nights of bjj training and such with that type of membership. just curious thanks for any answers!

  35. mark williams says:

    What is the age limit for your youth class?

  36. Bill,
    When I return from deployment I will be attending your classes. I was curious of what your gi preference is for white belts? I know some places want white belts to wear a white gi until they can achieve their blue belt are you the same?

  37. Clint says:

    I have two seven year old girls who will turn eight in November. My goals for them in a martial arts program are self defense, body awareness and confidence. Do you think they are old enough to begin BJJ, or should I be looking at your Judo class? (Although, I didn’t see kids Judo on the schedule.) Alternatively, should we start with an upright discipline like Karate? Just interested in your expert opinion.

  38. Lisa says:

    After speaking with you on the phone tonight, I was wondering if this might be something for me as well as my son. I’m pretty overweight, and quite frankly have become a lazy self-indulgent mother, and I just can’t live like that anymore. How difficult would this be for someone who needs to lose a good 75-100 lbs? Would there be some sort of Family deal for parent/child enrollment?

    I’m looking forward to visiting your studio tomorrow.

  39. Deyonn says:

    I want to compete I have 10 years of training in traditional Martial Arts and Kung-Fu and i would like to start an amature career in MMA Moonlighting in BJJ my long time friend Josh Huber said to start here I believe. I am very Humble and patient and wouldnt let my previous background get in the way of learning. Ialways talk about wanting to get into it because im a fighter at heart and I guess this is the first step.

  40. Bridgett says:

    Hi! I saw you guys when I dropped into a yoga class next door and I really, really want to do this. I’ve done fitness kickboxing for over a year but had to give up my old gym in the divorce, lol! I am most interested in the BJJ rather than the kickboxing, but I’ve never done any sort of martial arts. Will I be able to work at a beginner level in the times offered? How many times can you attend the gym per month under the monthly rate? Do we purchase a uniform from you or do we wear regular gym clothes? Thanks!

  41. jim kutscher says:

    I’ll will be traveling to you area from Iowa and would like to attend a class or two if possible(gi or nogi). This will be during the thanksgiving holiday. Can you tell me any information that will help and/or you schedule for this time.
    Thank you

  42. Riley says:

    Hi. Im very interested in your classes, but ive never had any defense training and quite out of shape. Would that present any issues? Not sure which type of training im interested in either cuz i really dont know much about them.

  43. Zach Cohen says:

    How long are the Adult BJJ and Muay Thai classes? How long is open mat on Sunday?

  44. Dave says:

    Is your pricing for unlimited classes?

  45. Linette Ramirez says:

    Is the adult class women and men? Or women only on the scheduled days?

  46. Tyler Massey says:

    Hello, I am interested in checking out an adult class. My wife and I trained a bit in the past but haven’t been on the mats since the start of Covid. Are there any uniform/patch/color restrictions? Do we need to schedule a meeting or just show up to a class?
    Thank you

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